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Water Watchers Keep Our Kids Safe

backyard-pool-safetyA staggering 88% of drownings occur while an adult is present. The problem is that when everyone is watching, no one is watching. How can you help keep kids safe in the water?

Assign a Water Watcher.

A water watcher is a specific person designated to keep their full attention on the pool or body of water for a specified amount of time. This is an adult who is responsible for NOTHING other than watching the pool. Their job is to watch the pool without distractions from conversations, phones, or tasks.

Adults can rotate the water watcher every 15 minutes so everyone can enjoy the party or event. 

One tip is to have something that identifies the watcher on duty. This can be a whistle, a sign, or a tag. The "water Watcher" wears the tag when they are guarding the pool, and when a new water watcher is assigned, give they take the tag. This tells the other adults and the children who is going to be watching the pool and not to distract them. This applies to the pool, the lake, the beach, and any body of water where kids are playing!


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Sep 29, 2022


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