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Proud Mom and her 3 year old

 I was one very proud mama...No one could believe that he was only three.

My son has been attending HSC since he was 5-months old. It is of utmost importance that my son knows how to swim since we have a pool in our backyard. Since he started HSC, he has surpassed all milestones and is ahead of his peers.

It wasn't until the last two weeks when I realized how confident, advanced and aware my son is in the water. He saw the older kids jumping off the long/high board at the neighborhood pool and was determined to follow suit. He marched right over there, climbed up on the ladder and sprung off the diving board. The lifeguard stood up, we all gasped and I was on the sidelines ready to jump in. He jumped in, popped right up, swam over to the ladder, climbed out and started taking requests. Cannonball, pencil, can opener...I was one very proud mama. No one could believe that he was only three.

This past weekend, he was swimming across our pool at home with my 8-year old niece, doing the back stroke! What? Unfortunately, I am unable to attend most of his swim lessons as I work. Occasionally I get a video but within two weeks he is doing he back stroke? I am amazed and it brings me to tears.

Normally, I am not one to contact corporate to write a review or to comment about a job well done, but this one is well deserved and long overdue. Kirby's swim instructor Lindsey in the Sugar Land location is amazing. She has been with him since day one. His success is attributed solely to her instruction and dedication. Not to say the other instructors he has had there were not equally amazing; however, when Kirby is under Lindsey's instruction he flourishes. Not to mention when Kirby found out that Ms. Lindsey was going to be doing both of his lessons again, he was through the moon. Within the last couple month of having Ms. Lindsey back as his instructor, Kirby is progressing/advancing even more.

Please let her know that she is doing a fantastic job and to keep up the good work. I know as a Manager, finding good employees and keeping them is always a struggle. Lindsey is one of those employees I would like to keep on my team.

Memie D.

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Sep 12, 2017


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