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Babies Need Swim Lessons!

 The earlier children are introduced to swimming, the easier it is for them to master these lifesaving skills.

HSC begins swim lessons as early as four months of age. Introducing babies to the water at an early age makes it easier for them to master the lifesaving skills taught in our classes. Infants have natural swimming and breath control reflexes and a love for the water, because the pool closely mimics the environment they've been living in for 9 months!

The older a child is when they begin swim lessons, the more challenging it usually is for them to adapt to the water. When you start your children young, they reach new developmental, physical, and social milestones more quickly (Griffith University Study, August, 2013). There are 3 important reasons why babies need swim lessons.

1. Water safety

Babies are usually comfortable in the water when they are very young. They make great students, because they have no fear or prior experience with swimming. Their natural reflexes can be developed into coordinated swimming actions. HSC teaches children to respect the water, and how to save themselves if they fall in.

2. Developmental milestones

Children who regularly engage in swim lessons reach development milestones on average more quickly than other children. They learn social skills and comfort with parent separation up to 18 months early. Their communication and congnitive skills come sooner, speaking clearly up to 36 months earlier, and following simple commands and instructions 12 months early! Physically, their balance and coordination is all improved.

Major Milestone Swimmers Achieve
Separates easily from parents 18 months earlier!
Speaks clearly enough for strangers to understand 36 months earlier!
Follows a two- or three- word command
and simple instructions
12 months earlier!
Climbs well 24 months earlier!
Runs easily 18 months earlier!
Correctly names some colors 24 months earlier!
Understands the concept of counting 24 months earlier!
Interested in new experiences 30 months earlier!
Cooperates with other children 24 months earlier!
Says several single words 12 months earlier!
Identifies common objects and pictures 12 months earlier!


3. They have fun!

Babies learn through play and interacting with their environment. While swimming, they are learning about sight, touch, and sound. They are socializing with other children, other adults, and mommy and daddy in a comfortable, nurturing environment that they crave. As they grow, they achieve real accomplishments that they can be proud of.

Learning to swim is a fundamental skill which could one day save a life. The earlier they experience the wonder of the water, the more benefits they will take away from it. Make swimming lessons a part of your child’s routine! The benefits will last a lifetime!

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Jan 1, 2024


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Howey has his own Facebook Page!

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