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HSC Families take Typhoon Texas by Storm

Howdy, ya’ll! Howey here, your favorite Water Safety Dolphin! I hope I saw you last weekend! We joined forces with Typhoon Texas Waterpark in Katy to create a fun-filled time with all our swimmers for our annual HSC Family Weekend.


It’s just a little something we do every year, and it’s always a blast! The park offered discounted tickets for HSC families for an entire weekend of water park fun, allowing you to beat the summer heat and make lasting memories (creating memories for your family is our family business, after all!), giving you a chance to laugh, splash, and enjoy the refreshing park attractions.

The HSC Family Weekend at Typhoon Texas waterpark was a hit! From cascading water slides to lazy rivers and wave pools, there was no shortage of exciting things to do. Sure, it was hot, but that’s Houston! We can take it.

howey waterpark fun

Not only was it a weekend of slides and splashing, but it was also an opportunity for HSC to spread the message of water safety to little ones and their parents.

Houston Swim Club never misses the chance to reinforce the importance of water safety. On Saturday, HSC set up a dedicated booth to engage with visitors and spread awareness. Our expert staff, including our instructors, were available to answer questions, provide resources, and offer valuable tips to ensure a safe swimming experience for all. And, of course, to learn about swim lessons.

typhoon texas water safety

Naturally, I was there on Saturday, too. How could I miss it?!? Dancing around the park and mingling with families and kids is the best part of my job! We also gave away t-shirts and water bottles to help keep everyone cool and covered from the hot, hot sun. Do you still have your water bottle? If so, head over to our Facebook page and show us!

The HSC Family Weekend at Typhoon Texas waterpark was an exciting and educational experience for families. By providing discounted tickets and spreading the message of water safety, Houston Swim Club and Typhoon Texas waterpark offered the perfect blend of fun and education. If you missed it, don’t worry! We’re sure to do it again. So mark your calendars and get ready to dive into an amazing adventure next year!

howey waving at the lazy river

 icon-howeyWritten by Howey the Dolphin, Water Safety Expert, Houston Swim Club

Jun 27, 2023
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