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Splashing into Memorial Day Weekend: Safety is Number 1

Hello there! It's Howey again, your Water Safety Dolphin, here with some reminders about Memorial Day Weekend activities and the importance of water safety. As we prepare to dive into the holiday festivities, let's remember to make safety Number 1 while enjoying all the fun-filled activities around water.


Assign a Water Watcher: Don't Assume Someone Is Watching

First and foremost, it's crucial to assign a designated water watcher. Never assume that someone is keeping an eye on the water, especially when children are present. Choose a responsible adult who can remain vigilant and focused solely on supervising the water activities. This individual should refrain from distractions like smartphones, conversations, or reading. By assigning a dedicated water watcher, we can respond to situations quickly and keep everyone safe.


Never Swim Alone, Always Swim with Someone

Remember, swimming is always more enjoyable and safer when done with a buddy. Never swim alone, as even the most experienced swimmers can encounter unexpected challenges. Having a swimming buddy provides an extra layer of support and assistance in case of emergencies. It's more fun to explore the waters and engage in water sports together, while also having someone to rely on if the need arises.


The Importance of Life Jackets

Life jackets are like magical floating devices that can save lives! No matter how confident you are in your swimming abilities, it's essential to wear a proper life jacket when engaging in water activities, especially if you're not a strong swimmer or when boating. Life jackets provide buoyancy and keep you afloat, even if you become exhausted or encounter unexpected situations. So, be sure to wear a properly fitting life jacket and make safety a top priority.


Be a Lifesaver: Throw, Don't Go!

If you witness someone in trouble in the water, it's natural to feel a strong urge to help. However, it's crucial to avoid putting yourself in harm's way. Instead of jumping in after the person, which could lead to further trouble, look for a floating object nearby, like a life ring, pool noodle, or anything that can be thrown to them. By extending a floating object, you can provide support without risking your own safety. Remember, even the smallest actions can make a huge difference in saving a life.

So what's the MOST effective way of keeping your kids safe? Learning how to swim.


Enrolling kids in formal swimming lessons significantly reduces the risk of drowning. In fact, studies have shown that formal swimming lessons can reduce the likelihood of drowning by an impressive 88%. By equipping children with proper swimming skills and water safety knowledge, we empower them to enjoy the water responsibly while minimizing potential risks.

As we celebrate Memorial Day Weekend and the joy of water activities, let's keep in mind the importance of water safety. Assigning a water watcher, never swimming alone, wearing life jackets, throwing floating objects to those in need, and making sure your child can swim are all crucial steps toward ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. And if you're looking for swim lessons, Houston Swim Club can help you with that one.

So, my fellow swimmers, let's dive into this holiday weekend with enthusiasm, laughter, and a commitment to prioritize safety above all else. By following these tips, we can create lasting memories and make this Memorial Day Weekend a splashing success while keeping everyone protected in and around the water.


icon-howeyWritten by Howey the Dolphin, Water Safety Expert, Houston Swim Club

May 24, 2023
"Water Safety" 

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