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Your child LOVES their teacher, but what if they need to change?

At Houston Swim Club Swim School, we pride ourselves on the relationships that are built between students and their instructors, our curriculum that has been used for 50+ years, and the AMAZING instructors we hire!

We do not hire our swim instructors based on their previous experience, but rather for their passion for children and water safety. Our motto has always been, "We can teach you how to teach swimming lessons, but we can't teach you to love children".

When a new swim instructor is hired, they go through extensive training with our supervisors before teaching on their own. Not only are our new instructors trained in the curriculum we have been teaching for years, but they are also trained in how to cater each swim lesson to each student.

I know… I know….

"My child just loves (insert instructor name) and we don't ever want to leave them!"

This is especially common with a child's first instructor. A special relationship is formed with the one who first helped your child overcome their fears and work through a "scary spot". However, the reality is that if an incident ever did occur, your child's instructor will not be there. We want your child to exhibit the lifesaving skills they have learned in class, whether their favorite instructor is present or not.


Another point of emphasis when training our new instructors (and with all team members) is communication. We can't stress it enough. When a student completes their Two-Week Everyday Session or moves to another instructor in our Monthly program, the instructors communicate with each other! Our instructors truly want our swimmers to succeed in being safeR in the water and do whatever they can to help achieve this goal.

What happens if my instructor is absent?

We provide a substitute! Our instructors update their student's skills on a regular basis, which helps with this exact concern. Prior to substituting a shift, the instructor receives a student class list which shows the skills each student has obtained in their current level. The substitute can then cater the swim lesson to each student’s needs and continue working on the skills needed to promote to the next level.

What if we miss a class and my current instructor is not available to teach the make-up lesson?

No worries, your child will not skip a beat! Their make-up instructor will see your child's skills on their student class list and will focus on the skills your child needs to progress through their current level. Additionally, our structured curriculum will ensure each student receives consistency is each swim lesson they attend. 

If my student moves to another instructor, how can I pass on a message regarding my child?


Simply leave a message with the Front Office and they can pass it on to your child's new instructor. If you would like to personally speak with your new instructor, we've got you covered. We offer Communicator Forms which are located in the Front Office and on our website. We will get your information passed on to their new instructor and they will be in contact with you within 24-48 business hours to discuss any concerns you have.

My child will only swim with Mr. or Ms. (insert instructor name).

We love that our students develop trusting relationships with their instructors! And, we definitely believe in consistency…but change is a fact of life. We know it can be hard and uncomfortable, so we do all we can to ensure your child has a great swim lesson, no matter who their instructor is! As parents, you can help us with this by encouraging your child and reinforcing that they're going to have a great lesson even if it's with someone new. If you're ok with the change, then nine times out of ten, they will be too!

Developing new relationships, learning to trust and work with someone new, and adjusting to change are just a few examples of how we're able to help your children grow while they're in our care.

We love your kids.
We teach them lifesaving skills and so much more.

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kristenWritten by Kristen Garcia, Site Director, Houston Swim Club Pearland

Jul 19, 2021
"Parent Tips" 

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