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Summer Swimmers Are Made in the Winter!

The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. - MELODIE BEATTIE

At the start of each new year, many make the decision to set resolutions and goals. Whether those resolutions are fitness related or not depends on the individual. Regardless of the goal, setting it requires a number of things - bravery to try (and sometimes fail), an effective plan, consistency, and trust. Progress isn’t always linear, but dedication, focused effort, and trust in the process will help to ensure goal achievement.  

As we kick off the new year, we ask you these questions…

What are your goals for your swimmers?


What are their goals for themselves?

Whatever they may be, we are here to help achieve them.

Winter is often viewed as a time to take a break from activities - especially from swimming, but why? There are many reasons…cooler, less favorable weather, avoiding illness, getting through a busy holiday season or simply taking time to step back, relax and take a break.

While those are all valid reasons, there are also many benefits to swimming in the winter. Utilizing the winter months as a time for swim lesson allows swimmers to have a competitive advantage above the rest.

Summer swimmers are made in the winter.

winter-swimmerWinter is actually the perfect time to take advantage of indoor activities (like swimming in a heated pool), to take it slow and focus on adopting new routines and perfecting techniques.  Maintaining routine physical activity, despite the cooler weather, is beneficial for healthy cardiovascular and immune systems – another great advantage in a child’s swimming education.

If your swimmer has taken a break from lessons due to other sports or extracurricular activities, then winter is the perfect time for them to get back in the pool and rinse off the rust.

Swimming is an effective method for increasing mobility, muscle recovery and cross training for those who are also actively involved in other sports. Swimming during the calmer winter months can help students maintain their skill set and improve their stroke technique.

If your swimmer's goal is to improve for the upcoming summer swim team season, then the added focus achieved during winter lessons could be just the ticket to help them strengthen their strokes or shave off a few seconds from their current personal best.


If your goal is for your child to be comfortable and confident enough to enjoy summer pool parties with their friends, then winter lessons can help achieve that, too. They'll be one step above the rest if they’ve had the opportunity to practice skills months before their peers.

winter-swimmer-hscAnd, let's not forget about those beginner swimmers! Winter is the perfect time to knock out their first HSC two-week everyday session to begin building their foundation of water safety and comfort in the water. Avoiding the summertime rush can be helpful with the "Jenga" kid's activity scheduling game, too.

Getting started a few months before summer will allow beginner swimmers ample time to get in plenty of practice. Our Two-Week Everyday Sessions and continued monthly lessons will help them form a positive relationship with the water and further their water safety skills.

Allowing time for them to build a strong foundation without rushing the process will be well worth it. It will also help to prepare young swimmers for future visits to the neighborhood pool, waterpark or family vacations.

You can keep the momentum going through the spring by increasing the number of lessons per week. An increase from one to two days a week will also prove to be beneficial in your child's learning process. We've all heard the saying, "practice, practice, practice!" The additional effort will pay off in the long run.

Don't wait until the weather is warm and swim suit season is upon us. Our water is always warm, so jump back in now!

Whatever your goals may be, we are here to help achieve them.

Summer swimmers are made in the winter.

*Note: The photos in this blog were taken prior to 2020. For more information on how we are staying SAFE in 2020, please visit our Health and Safety Guide.

icon-authorWritten by Erin Lukes, Office Manager, Houston Swim Club Sharpstown

Jan 11, 2021
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