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Make a Splash! 5 Reasons to Book an Indoor Pool Party at Houston Swim Club

1. No weather worries!

Nothing can derail a fun party faster than bad weather, and we all know how unpredictable Houston weather can be! Having to cram all of your guests inside your house while waiting on a storm to pass can be stressful. While rain is likely the biggest obstacle you may face, extreme heat, unseasonably cool weather and wind can also pose issues for your child's special day. When you book a party with us, you don't have to worry about the weather or track the forecast for days…you're guaranteed to have great weather inside our facilities!


Do you have a kiddo with a winter birthday who never gets to have a swim party because your neighborhood pool is closed after Labor Day?

Does your princess want a Little Mermaid themed swim party in December?

Does your prince want a Star Wars themed swim party in January?

We’ve got you covered! Our indoor, heated pools are the perfect place for some unique winter birthday party fun!


2. Change it Up!


With an indoor swim party, your guests won't have to worry about bringing "extras" such as sunscreen, sunglasses and bug spray. Sometimes it's nice to take a short break from the outdoors and enjoy adult conversation while in a relaxing, air-conditioned party room. It's also freeing as a guest to have the rest of the day to do as you wish with your family without having to worry about getting the kids into a bath immediately after or having to stop at home to cool off and change clothes. You and your guests will realize how nice it is to kick back in an air-conditioned private party room for a few hours!

3. Eating in Peace!


Not only are food options limited with an outdoor party, but it can be difficult to keep food covered to keep bugs away. Eating in peace without having to find shade or a place away from the bugs is one of those things you don't realize can be so great until you attend your fourth or fifth outdoor party THEN get a break from them!

One of the most common things we hear is how nice it is to just sit and eat and watch the kiddos swim without having to swat the flies away.

Indoor parties are also an excellent idea if you have older family members or guests with newborn babies! 


4. Decorations Galore!


While party décor may not be a deciding factor for your family, it sure is easier to create a themed party that lights up a child's face when the party is indoors. Our indoor party space allows you to keep it simple, or go all out! It's totally up to you. You won't have to worry about balloons and streamers blowing all over the place or having to secure table covers down. Finding good places to hang banners, needing multiple people to help hold and secure everything, and finding weights or other restraints for everything can be a true hassle on party day. With an indoor party at HSC, you won’t have to stress about any of these things!

5. Save money!

eatingcakeHow many times have you thought, we'll just have the party at home to save money? But then by the time you add up all of the extra expenses like tents, chairs and bouncy house rentals, extra decorations, clean-up supplies, games and activities, you've spent an arm and a leg…and you are EXHAUSTED! Not to mention, the time you spend cleaning your house before and after the party is the most exhausting of all. Give yourself a break and let us help!

When you host an indoor swim party at HSC, we take care of all that work for you. You simply arrive to a sparkling clean party room and our dedicated crew takes it from there – from setting up the decorations, to serving the cake, to packing up the leftovers and cleaning up after the party is over!

You don’t have to play host for hours and can relax and spend time visiting with friends and family while enjoying the party. After all, it's your child's special day and we want you to spend those precious hours making memories – not chasing your decorations or refilling the punch bowl countless times.

So, if you're looking for a unique way to celebrate your child’s special day, then look no further! We can’t wait to host you and your guests in our "home"!

Swim parties are available on Saturday afternoons at our Pearland and Cypress locations. For more information, see our pricing and details.

Creating memories for your family is our family business.

 *Note: All of the photos in this blog were taken prior to COVID. For details about the changes we have made in response to the current situation, please visit our Health and Safety information page.


icon-kristenWritten by Kristen Garcia, Site Director of Houston Swim Club Pearland

Nov 9, 2020
"Houston Swim Club" 

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