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How Our Students Feel About COVID-19

Hi! My name is Ms. Lindsey and I work at our Sugar Land location. Not being able to physically see my students or our customers during this time has been tough for me.

I started to think about how difficult these uncertain times must be on children and, more specifically, on my students.

Do they know what the Coronavirus is? Do they understand what’s going on? What are they doing? Do they miss swim lessons?

In an effort to find some answers, I created a short questionnaire, sent it to a few of our families, and asked them to send their children’s answers back to me.

I am excited to share their responses with you. They were candid, innocent, cute, funny and, most importantly, honest…


Can you explain to me what is going on in the world?


What do you miss most about swim class?
kids-love-hscWhat are some things you are doing to stay busy?
What do you miss most about school?
What are some things you think you can do at home to practice swim skills?

I absolutely loved getting all of their responses and understanding a little bit more about how this difficult situation looks through their eyes.

They all had some great ideas for ways to practice swim skills at home, but here are a few other ways you can stay engaged with swimming while at home:

We miss everyone so much, and hope you all are staying safe and well. We are so eager to see everyone back in the pool soon!

icon-lindseyWritten by Lindsey King Instructor & Office Shift Supervisor, Houston Swim Club Sugar Land

May 11, 2020
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