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Swim School LOVE: It’s Present Year-Round at HSC!
Feb 18, 2020

Topic: Houston Swim Club 

The month of February is filled with hearts, all things pink and red, and lots of LOVE!

What makes HSC extra special is that our pools and facilities are filled with LOVE year-round! It’s something that is so important to us that the word is included in our mission statement:

We LOVE your kids. We teach them lifesaving skills and so much more!


Love is the reason why we do what we do. It is shown in different ways and comes in many shapes and sizes, but it is present in everything we do...


Smiling when we answer the phone.

Explaining our program and curriculum.

Holding little hands.

Giving high fives and hugs and fist bumps.

Wiping tears.

Helping our teammates.

Laughing at silly pre-school jokes.

Scheduling lessons.

Teaching kids how to back float and how to swim butterfly.

Giving gentle reassurances.

Wiping noses.

Applying band aids to boo boos.

Holding babies for mamas who don’t have enough hands.

Buying Girl Scout cookies.

Hanging handmade cards on our fridge.

Taking pictures.


Singing nursery rhymes at the top of our lungs.

Listening to concerns.

Understanding fears.

Encouraging skills.

Ringing the float test bell.

Cheering at swim meets.

Escorting families to their cars during a storm.

Loaning bathing suits and towels.

Booking make-ups.

Calming nerves.

Hearing stories.

Making awards.

Teaching life lessons.

Celebrating accomplishments – big and small.

Learning to trust.

Asking questions.

Understanding needs.

Loving one another.



LOVE. A simple four-letter word that is present in everything we do throughout all twelve months of the year.

Parents, thank you for trusting us with your babies. We LOVE them and we LOVE you, too!


icon-stephanieWritten by Stephanie Burns, Site Director, Houston Swim Club Sharpstown

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