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Swim Lessons Through a Nana’s Eyes

My first experience with Houston Swim Club came through my daughter, Brittany, who began working at the Sugar Land location back in 2007. She enjoyed it so much that she encouraged me to apply for a job as well. I knew this was the place for me from the moment I walked in for my interview at Sharpstown.

That was 12 years ago.


When I first began working here, I would use my break time to sit in the observation room and watch our lessons. It was amazing to see what these little ones could do in the water. Watching them in the pool also brought back many memories.

As a child, I enjoyed playing in the water, but never took formal lessons. When my children (who are now 30 and 34) were young, I enrolled them in summer swim lessons, but the instruction was nothing compared to what we teach here.

I may not have succeeded in providing my children with great swim lessons, but I have been given a second chance to do so with my grandchildren.

I am a proud Nana of three – Ariana (4), Brielle (8 months) and Jeremiah (3 months).

coming-to-swim-classAriana has already begun her swim journey with HSC and is well on her way to becoming a comfortable, confident, safer swimmer. She loves to be in the pool! She completed a few parent/child lessons with me when she was a baby, but her progress really began once she was two and a half. I enrolled her in a 2-week session and, as they say, the rest is history!

I think back to those days when I watched the magic happen through that observation room window and smile as I sit now and watch my own granddaughter swim across the pool. It has been so rewarding to see our program from a different perspective.

Ariana has progressed from Guppy to Goldfish to Seahorse…and is now a Dolphin! I’ve been amazed at her progress.

Her swim lessons have become a special activity for the two of us. I bring her to lessons every week. Consistency is key. Whether it was an extra lesson with Mr. Daniel or her regular weekly lesson with Mr. Jeremiah – she always looks forward to coming. Every Friday morning, she asks me, "Nana, swimming class today?!"

My husband and my son and daughter-in-law are also all thrilled with her progress and enjoy coming to her weekly lesson from time to time. When she goes swimming with her cousins they always ask where she learned to swim. We are proud to tell them… HSC! I can’t wait for my other two grandchildren to begin their swim lessons, too!

guppy-award-kid-hscThe instructors are amazing. That’s not just because they are my co-workers, but because of their passion to teach children lifesaving skills. There’s no doubt that our program is successful because of them, but it’s also because of our lifeguards, office staff, and janitorial staff. We all work together so that at the end of the day we know that we are making a difference in the life of each and every child.

I am grateful that I get to experience #theHSCdifference first as an employee, and second as a swim Nana! At HSC, we are a family. And that’s what I love about it the most!


iconCarol Moreno, Assistant Office Manager, Houston Swim Club Sharpstown

Jan 21, 2020
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