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Everyone's Family
Dec 16, 2019

Topic: Houston Swim Club 

One of our core values at Houston Swim Club is Everyone’s Family. This particular core value is especially meaningful during the holiday season when there is so much emphasis put on family and making memories.

So, it got me thinking… "What does Everyone’s Family really mean? And, more specifically, what does it look like when put into action on a day-to-day basis, not only during the holidays, but all year long?"


There are many ways that Everyone’s Family is demonstrated between HSC teammates every day…

It can be something as simple as stocking the fridge with everyone’s favorite kinds of coffee creamer, getting a lifeguard a drink or a piece of candy so they don’t have to leave their post, or giving a teammate a lift home when their car is in the shop.

There are also ways that it gets demonstrated that have a much bigger impact. For example, covering a shift when someone is sick or taking that long overdue vacation. Sometimes it’s hosting a baby or wedding shower to join in celebrating these big life events. Or it’s shown by rallying together when tragedy strikes to show our support and care for each other.

It means enjoying the people we work with and looking forward to coming to work each day to make a difference in the lives of the families we serve!

This brings me to my next example of how Everyone’s Family makes a difference at HSC…

We truly believe that once YOU join our swim school, you become a part of our extended HSC family. That includes parents, swimmers, siblings, and Grandparents! As a family business, it is important to us that everyone feels welcome and right at home at HSC!

I asked Mr. Jeremiah, an instructor and lifeguard, "What does Everyone’s Family look like to you on a day to day basis?"

jeremiah-teaches-hsc-katyHe told me, "It means treating everyone the same way you would treat your mom or grandmother. Speaking to them with respect and kindness, making them feel like they are valued." (He also added "You don’t always say the nicest things to your siblings so that’s why I specified mom/grandmother." Lol! So true!!)

Then I asked him, "What is your approach to the kids, both as an instructor and as a lifeguard?"

I thought his answer was perfect. He said, "I try to treat them all equally but not necessarily the same. Every child is different, so I need to interact with them in different ways to get them on the same page and to enjoy their class."

As the Site Director, I get to experience Everyone’s Family in many different ways…

It’s when kids come into my office to get a piece of chocolate, a high five or a hug. I get to hear about their week and what they did in swim class. It’s when I get to visit with moms and dads and share in the celebration of promotions and progress. And, sometimes, it’s when I am able to offer an ear when they have a concern or a question about something related (or not related) to swimming. We are all in this together and it shows!!

The last way that Everyone’s Family can be experienced at HSC is between our parents and swimmers.

I have seen it time and time again – two moms in a parent child class for the first time or sitting side by side in the observation room week after week getting to know each other. Before long, they are swapping stories and cheering each other’s kids on as they progress through the levels. They work to get the same class together again when their kids promote, have play dates and go to birthday parties together. All that fun comes from the relationship they formed at swim lessons!

It is also shown when parents are kind enough to offer up a seat in the observation room, let someone go ahead of them into a changing room or hold the door while a parent tries to juggle kids, swim bags and a stroller. (Moms need at least 3 hands!)

everyone is family at hsc

It’s laughing over coffee and cheering when a Goldfish FINALLY passes their float test!! It’s kids looking forward to swim lessons, not only because they get to see their favorite teacher, lifeguard or office staff member, but because they get to see their friend that they have been missing all week.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness. And I get to witness it on a daily basis.

So, during this holiday season as we all reflect on our families and focus on making wonderful new memories, I want you to know that we are so thankful that YOU are part of our HSC family.

Creating memories for your family is our family business. Thank you for helping us to create memories, not only during the holidays, but all year long!

Written by Jennifer Hawes, Site Director of Houston Swim Club Katy

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