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It’s pumpkin season at HSC!

This month, we're all about pumpkins and Halloween fun! Pumpkins, candy, and costumes galore, there’s so much happening at Houston Swim Club.

hsc-pumpkin-child-costumeEvery year we invite our students to wear their costumes to swim class. Our instructors love seeing everyone in their favorite costumes…they know all about it – they talk about it all month long! I asked some of our instructors for tips on what costumes are "in" this year. No surprise; the kids are all about superheroes and everything Disney. Spiderman, Jedi’s, Superwoman, and more!

I asked one our long-time swimmers what her favorite "swimming" costume was. Mermaids!

"They make these mermaid tails that go all the way down to your feet," she said, "you have to just hop around out of the water. But it’s so cool in the pool! It has this fin at the end for both your feet, just like a real mermaid, and you can swim around with dolphin kicks just like we do in swim class!" (butterfly stroke skill learned in our T-Shirt level)


We love it when our students can relate swimming to all the fun things they enjoy.

Our kiddos aren’t the only ones dressing up this year (okay yes, we’ll be dressed up, too – we’re all big kids here), because it’s time for our 5th Annual Pumpkin contest! Our employees look forward to it all year long. Each pool divides up into teams and decorates a pumpkin for the contest. Houston Swim Club is all about being a family, and we show it…our employees meet after work, meet at their homes, at the park or coffee shops, and work together to make the most fantabulous pumpkins you’ve ever seen.

It’s a BIG deal and they are so excited to show off their creations.


The decorated pumpkins will be on display at each location all week long so you can vote on your favorite. The winner at each location will go on to "the finals" where you can vote on the Grand Pumpkin on Facebook and Instagram.

The pumpkins that didn't glam up for the contest aren’t going to miss out; they get to swim with everyone in the pool! We’ll have pumpkins IN THE WATER all week long.

floating-pumpkin-funDo pumpkins float? We’ll find out!

It’s not just to play, we use the pumpkins to teach our swimmers about their own buoyancy. After all, we’re all about teaching swim lessons in a loving, fun environment. Children learn best when they are engaged in play, especially when they are learning new skills that might be challenging or scary. Can they teach a pumpkin to pass the float test?

So be sure to bring them to swim class all this week dressed for trick or treating, and if they come up to the front office, we’ll give them a special goodie bag! Check out the pumpkins while you’re there, and vote on your favorite. Don’t forget to talk about what they learned in swim class and ask them if pumpkins float!

We'll be closed on Halloween day so our swimmers and employees can enjoy the holiday. Have a safe and BOO-TASTIC trick-or-treating!


Written by Chris Fossan, Houston Swim Club

Oct 10, 2022
"Houston Swim Club" 

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