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Change is Inevitable
Sep 17, 2019

Topic: Swim Lessons 

Change is inevitable. It happens every day whether we want it to or not. There are good changes and not-so-good changes, big changes and little changes. Most of the time, change is handled pretty well….but sometimes, change can be overwhelming and stressful, especially for children.


As humans (big and little), we tend to appreciate a bit of consistency in our lives.

We like knowing what is around the corner or who is going to be there when we get home. We like knowing that bath time comes after dinner, and story time comes after bath time! We like knowing that our car is going to start or that the fajitas at Pappasito’s will have that delicious melted butter on the platter!

We also like knowing that our favorite swim teacher will be in the pool waiting for us when we arrive at HSC.

But, sometimes, that teacher gets sick or goes on vacation.

Sometimes, mom needs to change her schedule because piano lessons were moved to another day.

Sometimes, little Jessie gets so good at swimming that she promotes to the next level and has to find a new class.

SOMETIMES that new class also means a new teacher! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Now what???

So how do we help children cope with the stresses of change?

Here are some tips to help children adapt better to changes like a new teacher:

    It helps so much for the child to know what to expect! Tell the child that YOU are so excited for him/her to meet your new “friend”, Ms. Megan. If they feel like you are comfortable with the change, they will likely be comfortable, as well! Referring to the teachers as mom or dad’s “friends” helps them gain trust easier.
    Explain why he/she is changing to the new instructor and give as many details about the new teacher as you can. What color is the new chip? What side of the pool will I be on now? Who will my new swim friends be? The more excited you sound about the change, the less apprehensive he/she will be!
    Come in a few minutes early on the first day with the new teacher to show your child your new “friend” through the window and on the video screen! Play the video of the teacher introducing himself/herself so that the child can “meet” the new teacher before class even starts!
    If your child is especially anxious about the change in instructors, TELL US! Chances are VERY good that his or her “old” teacher can take your child to meet the “new” teacher! Having someone that the child already knows and trusts introduce him/her to the new instructor will help ease their fears!

The reality is that changes will come every year of your child’s education. Very rarely does a teacher move with your child from first to second grade! Changes at Swim School are no different. As a child progresses through the levels, teacher changes will likely occur! And we all want our children to progress, right?!


Remember…the MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION is YOUR attitude towards the change! Your child will most definitely pick up on your feelings about the change. The happier and more excited you seem…the easier the transition will be for everyone!

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