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Why is swimming with my baby important?
Aug 19, 2019

Topic: Swim Lessons 

Why is swimming with my baby important? The obvious answer is to give them the tools necessary to save their lives if they get into a pool unattended. They need to learn respect for the water and the dangers involved. They need to know what to do if they fall into the water. They must be able to hold their breath, get to the side, and float on their back.

These are all things they learn at Houston Swim Club. A study by the National Institute of Health says participation in formal swimming lessons reduces the risk of drowning by 88% among children aged one to four years. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published a report that states; “research has found that swim lessons are beneficial for children starting around age 1, and may lower drowning rates”.

Another reason to teach babies to swim is to encourage a love of the water at an early age. Being able to enjoy the water is a benefit they can use for the rest of their lives. We live near so many bodies of water, and there is great fun to be had! Houston Swim Club teaches in such a way as to help your baby develop this confidence and love the water. The more confident you are in the water, the more activities you are willing to try.

There is still a lot even I want to do! Check out some of the activities in this article! These may be a bit more ambitious than you were looking for, but canoeing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are all available to you if you are comfortable in the water!


But wait! There’s more! A study by Griffiths University in Australia has shown that swimmers are smarter! We already knew this! At Houston Swim Club, we work on colors, numbers, shapes, cooperative play, self-discovery, independent play, sign language, waiting your turn, following directions, and many other skills that can help your baby be more successful in school. Another thing the Griffiths University study has shown is that children in swimming lessons achieve milestones at a younger age than children not enrolled in lessons. They walk earlier, talk earlier, run and jump earlier, and lots more! 

mommy-baby-swimSwimming also strengthens social confidence. Children in swimming lessons are better adapted to new situations and have more self-confidence and independence than non-swimmers. We have so many opportunities to spend time and space with their peers. We kick on barbells together, go on mat rides, and even cheer each other on while getting rings off the bottom of the pool. Swim school friends can end up being the best friends!

They can also end up being co-workers. Recently we had an all staff meeting where we asked all of our employees that had taken lessons at Houston Swim Club as a child to come up on stage. The results were amazing! We are so proud that so many of our former students are current employees. Are they great employees because they took swimming lessons at Houston Swim Club? We like to think so!

In case that’s not enough, there is research that shows correlation between the amount of movement and exercise and the size and memory capacity of the hippo-campus. This is the part of the brain where memories are located. At Houston Swim Club, our vision is “Creating memories for your family is our family business”! We want to make sure your children’s memories of swimming lessons are good ones filled with love and encouragement. 

Early swimming lessons has long-lasting effects on brain development as well. Active swimmers have a slower decline in their working memory capacity. Eighty-year old master swimmers had the same NCV (nerve conduction velocity - the amount of time it takes the brain to tell the muscles what to do) as 50-year old non-swimmers.

learning-to-float-babyDo you know what my favorite part of baby swim lessons is? I love watching parents interact with their babies in class! It is such a great bonding time! Parents are face to face, skin to skin, and eye to eye with their baby for 30 minutes. There’s no phones, no emails, no distractions! Tender loving strokes from the parent gives baby the feeling of attachment, commitment, and connection. There’s no better way to show your baby how much you love them!

Written by Tracy Laman, Aquatics Director of Houston Swim Club

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