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Recognize and Reduce the Risks in the water!

How can you make your children SAFE in the water? You can’t.

When it comes to water there’s no such thing as “safe.” If you look that word up in the dictionary, you’ll see it means free from risk of harm or danger. We can’t breathe underwater, which means there’s always going to be risk when we are in or around it.

The first step is to recognize the risks around you. Then, there are steps you can take to reduce these risks and make your children SAFER in the water this summer!

The Safer3 initiative, promoted by the Stop Drowning Now Water Safety Foundation, provides these useful tips for keeping your family safer in or around the water: You must have SAFER WATER, SAFER KIDS, AND SAFER RESPONSE!

Safer Water

Any body of water creates a risk for drowning – whether it’s a pool, the ocean, or even a bathtub. In all cases, however, there are ways you can reduce the related risks.

Safer Kids

If you’re an adult, get in the habit of assuming constant responsibility to supervise children around water. Kids must learn – as young as possible – swimming and basic safety skills.

Fun tip: Have the children help you make a macaroni necklace that is to be worn by the Water Watcher at all times. Then the children know not to distract them as well! Everyone should be involved in a water safety program!

Safer Response

A safer experience around water starts with feeling confident about your ability to swim. We believe it’s so important that it is a part of our mission statement. WE TEACH LIFESAVING SKILLS AND SO MUCH MORE! It is a necessary life skill and an important part of any water safety program.

Let’s all work on keeping our children SAFER around the water. If you're ready to join the mission, find a class and register your child for a 2-week Everyday Session. You can find more information and prices in our Prices section.

Written by Tracy Laman, Aquatics Director, Houston Swim Club

Mar 17, 2019
"Water Safety" 

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